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    Chairman of Speech

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    Mr. Chairman:

    大香蕉人伊在线49,狠狠干在线看,狠狠插视频 www.myxiang.com As the first provincial government authorized Limited asset Management Company of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Rising Asset Management Company has been the concern of all sectors of society. In the new situation, we will face the new management system and operation mechanism, it also brings new opportunities and challenges. It is still a long way to go. The leaderships and staffs of the company will be in accordance with the State owned enterprise reformed policy and route which were drew up by the central and provincial levels, we will further emancipate the mind, change ideas, seize the opportunity, forge ahead, and strive to improve the asset operation efficiency to ensure the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned assets, contribute to the Guangdong economic construction.

    On the occasion, I express our sincere thanks to the leaders at all levels and all walks of life who care and support Guangdong Rising Assets Management Limited company, and look forward to the future to continue to care, guide and help. Let’s hand in hand, create brilliance.