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    GRAM's 2013 First Quarter Economic Situation Analysis Meeting

    大香蕉人伊在线49,狠狠干在线看,狠狠插视频 www.myxiang.com From 13th to 14th, June, GRAM held the analysis meeting regarding the economic operation from Jan to May, 2013. Divided by the different business, the economic operation of the four sections including Hotel tourism, project & real estate, Mining resources, and electronic information, as well as the GRAM itself was analyzed in details. The existing prominent problem in the production operation was researched. Besides, the company also analyzed the situation, raised the measures and arranged the work in the next step.


    The Director of Board Mr. Zhu Wei and General Manager Mr. Li Zezhong made the important comments to the operation situation of the four sections. Leaders of GRAM including Deng Jinxian, Lie Lieli, Ye Xiaohui, He Bangfu, Xie Liang, Ma Jianhua and the Chairman of the Supervision Committee from State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Guangdong Province attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by the vice general manager Gao Qing.


    General Manager Li Zezhong, representing the operation management team, made the comprehensive comments for each section respectively based on their production operation situation from Jan to May, approved the achievements, pointed out the problems, analyzed the objective and subjective reasons for the problems, raised the practical measure and made the particular arrangement regarding how to meet the production operation target for the whole year and what to do in the next. He required that all the enterprises should increse the responsibility and sense of mission, further confirm the confidence and determination, strengthen the target-oriented management, settle the straights and difficulties, and fully meet every production operation tasks according to the annual plan. The section of hotel tourism and electronic information should strive to exceed the production operation tasks.


    The Director of Board Mr. Zhu Wei emphasized that the analysis meeting for economic operation form Jan to May was held in form of listening to the report and make the comment section by section. The reason was to analyze the situation practically, raise the working measures for the next step particularly, make the problems clear and make the full preparation for the difficulties, which would be good for us to take the right measures for the problem, make the best use of advantages and bypass the disadvantages, make it effective and efficient. He, at the level of the development of the whole company, integrated the earlier investigation and the reports from each enterprise, utilized lots of cases and statics, analyzed the economic situation of GRAM and each section in an earlier way, accurately pointed out the existing problems and disadvantages in each section, raised the particular requirement and directive suggestions regarding meet this year’s production operation targets as well as next step’s reform and development. Mr. Zhu Wei mentioned that this meeting was in the right time. It was a meeting not only for the summary of the production operation situation from Jan to May and the arrangement for the next period, but also for the action to fully implement the spirit from the main leaders from the provincial party committee and provincial government and promote the sprit in the seminar among the big main enterprises in Guangdong province. He required each section enterprise to increase the sense of crisis, increase the confidence, fully make use of the smartness and talents, possess with ten times motivation than others, face the reality, consider the future, fully met the production operation target for the whole year, improve the company’s core competitiveness and make the new contribution for the stronger and faster development of the company.


    In the meeting, the main people in charge in each level of the group, subsidiaries and important programs made the report and addressed the speech regarding the economic operation situation from Jan to May and the detailed measures to meet the annual production operation targets. Panning and Financial department, Auditing Department, Operation Management Department, Project & Real Estate Department, Mining Resources Department and Department of Science & Technology gave comments to each section respectively. Leader from each department also addressed directive comments respectively.


    Member of Board Mr. He Bangfu delivered the instructions from the Central and Provincial government regarding making good arrangement of the production security and environment protection, emphasized that important attention must be paid into this important work and it must be implemented according to the detailed requirements from the Director of Board and General Manager.


    More than 150 people including members of management team from each level of Group and subsidiaries, responsible people for important programs, and the leaders above the level of vice director, had attended the meeting. (Written by Jiang Zeze from Operation Management Department)